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Responsive Web Design Services

The use of mobile devices to surf websites is growing enormously, but most websites are not optimized for such mobile devices. There is a constraint of display size on mobile devices, as a several approach is required on how the content is displayed out on mobile screens. An formation of screen sizes is available these days, across desktops, phones and tablets. With new inventions every day, screen resolutions/screens will keep changing, so it is important that your website adapts to all kinds of screen sizes.

Top 3 reasons why you need a responsive design

  • Google declared in 2012 that it loves responsive designs and recommends it. Because with a single URL and HTML code its easy for google bots to crawl and index your website content
  • A responsive design requires less maintenance and is more sustainable
  • 2015 will witness mobile browsing taking over desktop browsing. And when this happens you must be ready with your optimized website

The Smart Responsive Investment

If you are thinking of Maintaining separate websites for different machines than this is not a viable solution because each will ask for time, effort and money.

  • Time for text and design related changes
  • Effort to track performance and make amendments
  • Money to develop and upkeep them

Modern businesses are investing in responsive design because it minimizes effort and saves time as well as money.

Mobile Traffic

Responsive Design – Technical Details

Responsive websites use CSS3 media queries, fluid proportion-based grids, and flexible images to create a visual experience that remains the same as screen size changes.

  • While most traditional websites fall apart on smaller screens, responsive ones adjust text, graphic and other elements as per screen resolution.
  • A website not optimized for smaller screens cannot cater to mobile users. Responsive ones can, and that too without compromising user experience.

As a company of responsive design experts, we make cutting edge websites that effortlessly fit all machines by adjusting resolution, image size and scripting.







we'll take care of

  • Mobile portrait (320x480)
  • Mobile landscape (480x320)
  • Small tablet portrait (600x800)
  • Small tablet landscape (800x600)
  • Tablet portrait (768x1024)
  • Tablet landscape (1024x768)
  • PC Browser : 1024 onwards

A fully featured well design template that works.

You have complete control over the look & feel of your website, we offer the best quality so you take your site up and running in no time.Write some text here to explain the features of your site or application, it has lots of uses.Write some text here to explain the features of your site or application, it has lots of uses.


Responsive and More

Though we have gained stardom for responsive platforms, our design and development experts have done exemplary work in other fields as well. From ecommerce & database enabled platforms to website analysis & landing page optimization, we have catered global businesses and organizations with vast range of web services.

Just getting a responsive design does not mean getting more conversions; a mobile website requires a different set of look and feel which only a seasoned expert can guarantee. So, if you already have a responsive website but it isn’t getting you enough sales then you can think of hiring our UX and conversion experts to get a detailed analysis & feedback for your website. Get in touch to know more