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Negative Search Engine Results

Removing negative reults from the search engines first page can really depend on several factors:

  • How active you are online
  • Website(s) you already have
  • How common your names is
  • Resources
  • Brand
  • Trade Marks

We will cover each particular area in more detail, but to understand the goal, you need to understand whats involved. In the past companies would target their websites after the most appropriate keyword, so for example if is sold cheese then the keywords you would go after would probably be "Cheese, Order Cheese Online, Cheese Types" and so on. This could be classed as Search Engine Marketing or SEO, the other side could be called defensive marketing (Reputation Management), once a customer has discovered you Cheese website they might want to research your company "Mr Cheesy Boffer" (made up name), to find out more about the company. It is at this point that many companies get caught out. Mr Cheesy Boffer's website might be number one, but number two is a website "Be Carfeul Mr Cheesy Boffer's Shop Has Rats!!!"

So it's important to make sure your are marketing for sales and also marketing for your reputation and brand protection.  To remove negative reults from the search engines will require content on different channels and websites,  we offer this as part of our reputation management service.