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Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourcing at Yourneeds.asia – Ensure your software application meets the highest quality standards to help you grow your business hassle-free!

Businesses or organizations around the world are under pressure to streamline their business process or automate their business using custom software solutions, which will help them enhance their business growth while smoothly responding to the rapidly changing market trends. However, such rapid development of the software application often causes potential risk of errors or bugs within the end product.

QA (Quality Assurance) and testing, these two are one of the most important aspects that help organizations to get an edge over the rivals while streamlining their business process seamlessly. Are you looking for a solution to enhance the quality of your software application while improving your testing efforts? Outsource your software quality assurance and testing requirements to the Yourneeds.asia!

We, at Yourneeds.asia, endeavor to offer comprehensive software application testing and quality assurance services, which ensure the highest quality, reduced cost, reliability and usability within your software application. The dedicated team of Quality assurance and testing division utilizes the testing skills and extensive experience in software testing services to ensure all the features within the application including server potential, requirements, cross-browser testing, compatibility testing, performance load and security concerns are rigorously tested and verified.

Our Quality Assurance & Testing Services include:

Our dedicated QA team uses a variety of testing methods and tools to make sure we deliver only a well-tested and high quality solution. Our ability to choose the best tools and methodologies for application, system and website testing services help clients to get the full value of their outsourcing efforts with us.

Yourneeds.asia Expertise in Various Software Testing Tools

Over the years of extensive experience and with the help of our consistent efforts, we have gained expertise in various testing tools including:

  • Performance Tools: Load Runner, OpenSTA, WAPT, Jmeter & Microsoft ACT
  • Open Source Testing Tools: OpenSTA
  • Bug Tracking Tools: BugZilla, JIRA, TeamTrack, and Mantis
  • QTP, Winrunner, Selenium Automation and AutoIT
  • Nunit and Junit
  • VSS, CVS, SVN, Source Jammer and Perforce

Why Choose Yourneeds.asia for Qaulity Assurance & Testing Outsourcing Services?

  • A team of skilled and qualified software testing & QA professionals who understands your business flow.
  • We ensure that all the software requirements and specifications are rigorously examined and tested both as units and in integrated mode to high quality performance.
  • Daily compliance and quality tracking.
  • Our proven expertise and experience in QA and testing ensures identifications of the bugs on the go.

Our dedicated application development services boosts scalability and performance. Understanding client's requirements and delivering fully personalized and feature-rich ASP.Net website applications that add simplicity, professionalism and productivity to the website is our forte.

Yourneeds.asia Advantage of Quality Assurance and Testing Outsourcing

Yourneeds.asia follows the industry best practices and proven development methodologies in order deliver a wide range of ASP.NET web application design, development and support services to the clients. Here're a few reasons why we're the right choice for your ASP.Net web application development venture.

  • Highly experienced team to work dedicatedly on your project.
  • Flexible hiring options.
  • Transparent communication throughout the project development
  • Flexible hiring models
  • Maintain high confidentiality
  • 24 x 7 technical support and maintenance
  • 100% transparency through-out project