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Politicians have been quite slow to pick up on the importance of online reputation through the Internet, but recently with high profile politicians like David Cameron using UTube to promote himself it is apparent that they are catching up.

Politicians need to focus on online reputation if not more than any bad press in the newspapers as these types of articles tend to die off unless your involved in the expenses scandals...

Naturally for politicians its normal to fight opposing politicians, journalists and Joe Bloggs, so whats different about the Internet? When someone rights a remark unless it's slander then it's there to stay.  If you try and fight an argument on a 3rd party website like a forum or blog you have no control about the content on it.

Although all your instincts say respond, respond, respond we would urge you NOT to and take a completely different approach. Yes you can still defend yourself and get your point across, but don't do it on a 3rd party site where you have no control.

We can help plan your online reputation and advise on any issues that maybe rising. Remember every journalist will now just "Google" before they do any hard research so lets not make their life easy!!!

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