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Best Financial Software for Microfinance Companies

A major part of the India's population still lives their everyday life with less than Rs.100. No government can change the situation overnight. It's the Microfinance companies in India that are trying their best to offer these people the necessary financial freedom through providing loans, saving schemes, micro-insurances and money transfer facilities.It's a consistent and unremitting process to help the less-fortunate people alleviating poverty. Yourneeds.Asia has participated in the mission through developing cost effective and efficient money management software for these Microfinance companies. It's the skill, experience and hard-work of our team members who have designed and developed this financial software through extensive research using all the latest technologies like .Net Framework 4.0, C#, SQL server etc.

Easy-to-Use Intuitive Features

It is our long research that resulted in a Microfinance software fully loaded with intuitive and efficient features. We have paid special attention to keep it user-friendly yet robust. Here are some of the unique features:

  • Adaptable to Different Businesses
  • Multiple Branch Integration
  • Real-Time Data on Any Branch-Level
  • Features to Import or Export Data
  • Capable to Follow MFI Specific Hierarchy
  • Effective Tracking of Loans, Savings, Interests & Other Funds
  • Loan & Insurance Restructuring Facility
  • Real-Time Customised Reports

Dynamic And Scalable

Every business is unique and so, it needs best Microfinance Software that can meet their requirements. We have designed completely dynamic money management software for the Microfinance Institutions in India. Our software is completely scalable for every future needs. Our software is

  • Dynamic and Object Oriented
  • Robust Database
  • Scalable & Transactionally Sound
  • Supports Working of Multiple Branch Simultaneously
  • Real-Time Synch
  • Data Integrity

Fast & Secure

Many good software surrenders when it comes to performance. But, we have used every latest technology properly to keep our software fast and secure even after entering huge data into it. At the same time, we have implemented unique techniques to enhance the security of the software. Here are some of the technologies:

  • User Page Viewing Restriction
  • Database Security Features
  • User Footprint Tracking
  • User Authentication
  • Protection Against MySQL Injection

Custom Features of the Software

It's our pride that every type of companies like, Microfinance Companies, NGOs etc. has highly appreciated the features of our money management software. The dynamic structure and scalability of the Microfinance software has attracted the people as it allows the companies to make any kind of changes on the business strategy without changing the software.

Like our CRM software, the developers of Yourneeds.Asia have invested much time and effort to make the application highly efficient and affordable through making it rich in several intuitive and intelligent features. Here are some of the great features of the money management software: