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You focus on the business and let our advanced Loan Management Software handle the customers, loans and its transactions.

RECKON Loan Management Software is a growing priority for all types of loan providing companies to eliminate manual loan management and streamline the procedures. It is a strategic and obviously a positive decision taken by the banks to move ahead with advanced loan management application that has simplified the loaning process for the customers as well as has enhanced the productivity of the loan providers.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Efficiency

Our web based car booking system application has research driven features and functionalities that will lessen your effort to reduce overall cost, while it will improve the productivity, smoothen the booking procedure and enhance profitability of your company.

Why RECKON Loan Management System?

  • Automates The Loaning Process from
  • Accelerates The Customer Service
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Easily Comprehensible Reports
  • Reduces Risk & Turnaround Time
  • Reduces Overall Cost



Handle your companies more effectively with less effort.



Co-ordinate your brunches & enhance synergy of both customer and company



Manage your users in a better way to improve customer service



Managing your loan schemes has now become simpler than ever

Loan Info


Every report regarding any loan is now at your fingertip



Your customers are now updated automatically via mail & SMS



Customers can pay their installment easily through several online channels



Maintain your company account along with the loan management application



Get customised & intelligent reports anytime for setting up business strategy

Exclusive Features of RECKON Loan Management Software

No matter what loan management application you require, our applications are fully loaded with several intuitive and intelligent features that can handle every process brilliantly and reduce the overall cost and risk of the company and thus increases the chances of profitability. Here are some of the common features of our loan management softwares:

  • Mortgages, Loan Amounts, Customer Activity Tracking
  • Payments on loans Tracking
  • Amortization Schedules Tracking
  • Interest Income Accruing
  • Client Defined Workflow Automation
  • Reduces Business Risk
  • Integrates with Business Accounts
  • Reduces Turnaround Time
  • Enhances Productivity & Profitability