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We have started to work with solicitors and lawyers who have clients with issues of negative content on the Internet and need reputation management. We are more than happy to work with a legal team to create a two prong approach to removing negative and bad press from the Internet.

Depending on what the negative content is we can help reduce the damage by burying the content while a lawyer can take a legal action and have it permanently removed.  Getting the pages or site removed will depend of course on the negative content, because if it is true or someones opinion then more often than not you can't have it removed.

We would always recommend that your client takes reputation management steps even if the negative content starts to disappear as this will help stop it coming back.  We can also help with your investigation to find out who owns a particular site.

In a nutshell, these are the following steps we would take:

  1. Register over 200+ social network sites (this prevents people taking them) in the name of the individual or company.
  2. Register domains and variations of persons name if available
  3. Register blogs
  4. Post content and articles
  5. Optimises pages / sites / articles / social network pages to do well for the individuals name.

To get the ball rolling we can start this service on a 6 month contract at $299 or £199 per month. After the 6 months we can review how the campaign is moving