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With the rise in popularity of websites like tripadvisor it has made it even more challenging for hotels on the Internet. Not only do you need to get to the top of the search engines with your own website, you also want to keep any negative content from reaching close to the top of Google results.

It's in human nature to want to complain and write negative things if they feel they have not received the service they've paid for. Unfortunately customers who receive a great service very rarely write about it. So typically the Internet gets more negative content rather than positive content not because your running a bad hotel but because of human nature.

We understand the frustration and the effect negative content about hotels can have and will aggressively tackle these issues to get more positive content on the first page of Google. There is no secret to this apart from good old fashioned "white hat" hard work.

If you find that your hotel or brand is being effected by negative content, then get in touch and we will see what we can do to help you.

Stopping negative content appearing in the first page of google is far easier than trying to remove it once it's there, so if you are proactive and want us to help you with preventative measures then get in touch.

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