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E commerce or Electronic commerce

E commerce or Electronic commerce is a technique wherein the company resorts to buying and selling of its products or service through internet. E commerce is normally related to sales aspect of e-business. The data exchange that helps in payments of e- transaction also come under the purview of E commerce. Ecommerce web sites should be aptly designed so that the visitors develop the interest in getting knowledge of products and services mentioned in the site. It must make the visitor glued to the site and motivate him to take positive action. Here requires the right expertise and expert knowledge on the part of professionals in developing the ecommerce site.

Step involved in building an E-Commerce site

Creation of a shopping cart

A Shopping Cart can be thought of as a device that ensures a live shopping experience. It is like a counter where the customer can view the details of the product like: its date of manufacturing, date of expiry, price etc. Another perspective of a shopping cart can be like a store coming up to you and displays items just according to your requirements and the consumer has the option to choose just the desired product of just the quality as required. Once complete with the selection process the total amount payable is shown with options of payment like DD/Credit Card.. The design of your store can make or break a sale, yourneeds.asia customers or drive them away. The quality and content of the design elements in the website speaks a lot about you and your online business.

Why Our Shopping cart solutions?

Yourneeds.asia is one of the best company to design a customized ecommerce web site. We aim to offer you customize ecommerce web site development services that exactly meet your goals and requirements. We carefully understands your products, customers and your business processes and then brings a complete e-commerce solution to your business requirements.Ecommerce website offers multiple payment option.

Our E-commerce featured in following ways:

  • Buyer focused online stores
  • Highly flexible & affordable
  • Ease of CMS management
  • Colors, sizes and designs option
  • Products reviews
  • Net Banking and credit card payment options
  • Add/Edit/Remove products & categories
  • Social media features & more