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Reputation Management - Business Reputation

We have a real understanding of the direct sales industry and work with some of the largest global direct sales companies in the industry, we help deal and bury negative content that appears on the Internet about them.

Because of the nature of direct sales there are two distinct areas that direct sales companies need to protect themselves in. Both of these areas bring different kinds of issues and challenges.

  • Direct sales guys misrepresenting or using hard sales tactics to close customers.
  • Recruitment, people who have started with a direct sales company or been for an interview who feel that they have been mislead about the position.

Direct sales companies may be representing their own product or a 3rd party company especially since deregulation of the service industries like gas and electricity, both require to protect their reputation online.

To attract good sales individuals is tough for direct sales companies because of the stigma attached to direct sales. Therefore having negative content about your company when potential candidates researches your company can compound this issue and make it very difficult to attract good people.

On a different note having negative reviews about your own product or a 3rd party you are representing is also incredibly damaging. So keeping on top of your online reputation is critical.

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