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In today's world where the paparazzi scrutinize everything to do with a celebrity it's critical that you control not only your off line reputation through papers, TV and magazines but also your online reputation.

No matter how you got the the level of celebrity, often its through hard work and determination, it can take years to build a positive reputation and seconds for it to be taken away.

Your brand is you and you need to protect it. We can help by taking a very proactive approach to try and keep any negative web pages from reaching the top of search engines.


Our preemptive approach to celebrity online reputation management

We will take a very aggressive roll to protect your name, we do this in several ways through social network site, blogs, domains, websites, article sites to name a few.

Our next steps to celebrity online reputation management

  1. Consultation, discover where you are with your own online management at present
  2. Agree keywords, phrases and countries you want to be protected in
  3. Begin campaign through agreed channel and measures
  4. Report back, we will track and report on how well the campaign is running.

If you would like to discuss this further confidentially please contact:

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