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We work agents and PR companies to offer their clients a dedicated online reputation management and damage limitation service.

We work on a economies of scale with agents and PR companies, the more clients you provide the more cost effective our service becomes. Our team are experienced in protecting people and companies on the Internet through a very proactive and aggressive approach. We can quickly react to help bury negative content and help protect a celebritie's name and reputation on the Internet.

Online reputation management works well as part of a mix through traditional PR and Damage Limitation, no other group of individuals attract attention of the media and public alike. Everyday people are blogging and posting content from fans, journalists, critics and all are fighting for the space of the celebrities name. Our team will take a pro active approach to smother the Internet with positive content that we control, rather than allowing others to and write what they like whether it's true or not.

Whether you're a publicist, agent, or manager we offer a variety of options for white labelling, discounting, co-branding, reselling, or referral commissions.

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