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Advanced Online Cab Booking Software

CAB booking is a booming business that has the potentiality to generate huge revenue if one can enhance the quality of service by streamlining and automating the processes. Our feature loaded and fast Cab Booking Application is enough efficient to handle the intricacies of the simultaneously running processes that ensures smooth growth of the business.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Efficiency

Our web based car booking system application has research driven features and functionalities that will lessen your effort to reduce overall cost, while it will improve the productivity, smoothen the booking procedure and enhance profitability of your company.

Simplify Booking


The application will simplify the booking procedure and amplify your profitability. Now, your customers can book their ride online in simple 3-steps

Streamline Processes


Our application will coordinate one process with another to enhance efficiency and cut the costs of the business through auto-dispatching method

Attract Customers


The quality of service & simplicity of booking process will attract more customers & ensure more booking

Key Features of Our Cab Booking Application:

  • 3-Step Online Booking: Now, with our Online Cab Booking System one can book their CAB in simple three steps from anywhere anytime
  • Booking Confirmation: Once a booking is completed successfully, the customer & the driver will be informed immediately via SMS and mail
  • Booking Reminder: The software informs the customer automatically regarding the booking that ensures maximum successful rides.
  • Real Time Data: To enhance the service we have added the feature of getting the real time data about the customer.
  • Confirmation SMS: Customized and automatic SMS alerts will keep the customer updated with all the information regarding the booking.
  • Confirmation Mail: Customized and automatic email will be sent to the customer and admin regarding a scheduled booking to ensure proper execution.
  • Online Payment: Customers can pay securely their fare online through our vast online payment gateways.
  • Admin Module: Get full control on the cabs, customers, franchisees and concerned matters through the Admin module and ensure a clean business.
  • Customized Reports: Get full details of your company's income, expenses, and other concerned matters through intelligent graphical reports.

An Overview of The Modules