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The Popular Online Accounting Software

Our accounts cum inventory software is one of the leading applications in the market with a wide range of advanced and intuitive features. Having in depth knowledge on accounting and different technologies, we have developed a popular accounting software that can beat many of its competitors.

An Approach to Make Your Accounting Simpler and Effective

Yourneeds.Asia has developed Xpert, a comprehensive business accounting software for bookkeeping every transaction of a business organization accurately to eliminate frustrating paperwork and enhance productivity through its advanced features and functionalities like, invoicing, debtors, creditors, general ledger, tax calculation, balance sheet and income statements, along with lots of reports.

Stay One-Step-Ahead

Account is not a one-time-task. You need to maintain it until your business exists and so, your software needs to support you until then. When most of the software becomes incompatible after few years or starts crawling due to huge data fill-up, Xpert assures you complete peace of mind. Our programmers have developed one of the popular accounting software in the market that is not only free from these issues but also has several unique and useful features.

We have used the concept of financial management in our accounting software that has been fine-tuned following our ERP software solution. It's a feature that focuses largely on the historical data of a company to calculate and draw the overall graph of the performance of the company. We have used the a similar logic in our MLM software to make that useful. It's highly important for any business-group that has the zeal to grow more through rectifying the previous mistakes and taking valuable strategies to speed up the progress.

Modules of Yourneeds.Asia At-A-Glance:

Salient Features of Xpert

  • Full Featured Advanced Accounting Options
  • Easy Management of Inventory and Billing
  • Multiple Company/Branch Option
  • Intelligent Reporting Feature
  • Accurate and Transparent Accounting
  • Different Currency Option
  • Several Tax Calculation Option
  • Highly Fast and Secure
  • Don't Become Slow on Data Fill Up
  • Fully Customisable as Per Any Business
  • Affordable and Cost Effective